Our Vision and Mission


To preserve and disseminate our culture, heritage and to enhance connectivity, wellbeing of the Bangladeshi community living in Malaysia and to brand Bangladesh in Malaysia and beyond..


Our mission is to connect Bangladeshis living in Malaysia to promote and to preserve Bangladeshi language, culture and heritage, branding Bangladesh in Malaysia and beyond. We aspire to promote diversity so that Bangladeshi community can assimilate  in Malaysia economically, socially and culturally .

Branding Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an emerging tiger of the global economy. It is a rising nation of over 170 million people. MBFA pursues branding Bangladesh in Malaysia and beyond. Bangladeshi professionals, educators, businessmen, corporate leaders, technologists, workers have contributed significantly in the growth and development of Malaysia.


Promote and maintain the history, culture and tradition of Bangladesh in Malaysia

Foster better relationships among families, professionals living in Malaysia and to strengthen relationships with Malaysian communities and society.

Represent the interests of the people of Bangladesh at every stage of the engagement with the authorities and to other ethnic groups and organizations in Malaysia.

Own and operate facilities necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization

Provide assistance and co-operation between the Organization and other professional associations, organizations and institutions in Bangladesh and in Malaysia