General Member

Bangladeshi citizens having Malaysian residency or bona fide visa to stay in Malaysia or a Malaysian citizen who was a citizen of Bangladesh or Bangladesh origin but currently residing in Malaysia

Age 18 and over

Living in Malaysia

Both Male and Female

Willing to contribute or connect for the community activities

Name to be proposed, referred or recommended by existing member

Free from conviction of any court

Must pay membership admission fee and monthly subscription

Associate Member

It is open to all having criteria mentioned for general members. Associate members are not allowed to hold office or vote.

Must pay admission and subscription fee

Validity for one calendar year from the date of subscription and renewable on payment and possesses valid residency permit or visa

Membership will automatically cease provided no valid residency permit or visa

Honorary Member

This will be appointed by the executive committee from time to time among those who have enormously contributed to society and can contribute to the success of the organization.

Life Member

It is open to all who meet the criteria of general membership , approved by the executive committee and willing to pay the lifetime membership fee decided by executive council.

The youth (student) member

it is open to anyone 16 years or above and a regular student in Malaysia, having valid visa or residency pass or citizenship. They should be willing to volunteer in MBA activities and must pay the admission fee and annual subscription fees. Youth membership is renewable but valid for one calendar year. They cannot vote or hold office in the organization.

Be a Member

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