Welcome to Malaysia Bangladesh Forum Association

Malaysia Bangladesh Forum Association is a non-political ,religiously unbiased , socio-cultural organization registered under the Registrar of Societies (ROS), Malaysia.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Malaysia Bangladesh Forum Association is to create a platform to connect Bangladeshis living in Malaysia. This platform is also to promote and  preserve Bangladeshi language, culture and heritage, branding Bangladesh in Malaysia and beyond. This Association  targets to provide the opportunity to create strong bondage between the Malaysian and Bangladeshi people through various levels of interaction.
MBFA promotes friendship, embrace diversity and contribute to strengthen mutual trust and respect among Malaysians and Bangladeshis with pride and dignity.


Malaysia Bangladesh Forum Association was first established in 2014 and has grown over the last 7 years from a small group comprising of handful of inspired Bangladeshi  expatriate families to a fairly large community dedicated for preserving our heritage and promoting the assimilation of our members into Malaysia’s multicultural and multiracial society.

Bengali is the national language of Bangladesh. There are more than 200 million Bengali speakers worldwide and it forms an intrinsic part of our identity.
Living in a dynamic country and a vibrant city like Kuala lumpur , we are constantly swept away by the changes in our environment and social fabric while struggling to keep ourselves rooted to our culture, tradition and values. Malaysia is a melting pot where expatriates and immigrants live with harmony and work side by side with races originated from Malaya, China and India generations ago.

Our strength as a nation lies in our diversity and our rich heritage, where different groups of constituents accept and understand one another, and live together in harmony.
To preserve and promote Bengali culture, MBFA organises numerous cultural events through the year such as “Bangla Nobo Borsho” celebration. Our talented members of all ages regularly participate in various cultural performances and join in family get-togethers organised by MBFA.

Every year, these various events have become the iconic signature of MBFA, which also represents our culture and forms an important part of our heritage. Since 2019, MBFA ramped up its efforts to provide regular classes through it’s ‘Art Culture & Language Centre’ for the children of expatriate Bangladeshis. These classes include singing, dancing and Bangla language lessons for the Bangla speaking community living in Kuala Lumpur.

Events Snapshots

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